Water Safety Program

Water is an everyday part of Australian life and this program introduces people with little or no experience in the water the opportunity to gain water experience in a safe environment. 

This experience will give the participants the opportunity to learn about the importance of water safety. Every person in our community deserves the chance to learn this vital life skill.

What’s involved?

The program is broken down into 2 sessions with the program beginning in a dry theory based session before getting into the water.

The dry theory session will teach you everything you need to know about being safe in the water as well going over some of the water safety techniques that will be taught in the pool.

The wet session will involve putting the skills learnt in the dry session to practice in a safe and guided environment. 

Who is it for?

The aim of the Water Safety Program is to help members of the community gain experience in the water in a safe and controlled environment. The program can be catered to various groups including parents, adults, community groups and school groups.

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