Watch Around Water

YMCA Web ImageNoble Park Aquatic Centre staff ensure that optimal aquatic supervision is performed at all times, to all members and guests throughout the facility.

Our fully qualified lifeguards are are trained to minimize risk and maximize safety, and adhere to Life Saving Victoria's endorsed Watch Around the Water Policy (WAW)

The Policy outlines the following guidelines that must be followed at all times when participating in programs, or enjoying a leisurely swim at Noble Park Aquatic Centre.

One adult: two children (babies in prams included in ratio)
Children under five must be accompanied into the centre by a responsible guardian* who is prepared to swim. Children must be constantly supervised and remain within arm’s reach, in and out of the water. If children are not within arm’s reach of their parent/guardian they will be removed from the water.

CHILDREN UNDER TEN (five - nine years)
Ratio - one adult: four children
Children under ten must be accompanied into the centre by a responsible guardian* who is prepared to constantly and actively supervise them in and out of the water. The responsible guardian must have a clear view of the child/ren at all times with no barriers in between.

All children within these age ranges who enter the pool must wear a coloured wristband (supplied on entry) to clearly indicate their age to Lifeguards.
*A responsible guardian must be aged 16 years or over


  • These ratios apply to all children before and after attending swimming lessons. Students will be under the Swimming Teacher’s duty of care during class.
  • For children ten years or older, parents must use their knowledge of the child’s swimming ability to determine the level of accompaniment required.
  • If a staff member is concerned for the safety of an unsupervised child, they have authority to remove the child from the water